lunedì 5 aprile 2010

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KETOS 2.1, Civic Aquarium, Milan

KETOS 2.1 – Worlds of framed whales
Civic Aquarium, Milan Italy
April 14th – May 16th

On the occasion of the International Year of Biodiversity and the Milan Design Week, the Milan Civic Aquarium, in collaboration with the Tethys Institute, will host KETOS 2.1, a container of events based on the contamination between Art and Science with the purpose of protecting and preserving large cetaceans.
Ketos 2.1 will host the touring exhibition WHALELESS, curated by Giovanni Cervi: a collective of international artists who express their unease in imagining a world without whales.

During the event there will be several opportunities to reflect on the current situation of the conservation of whales in the Mediterranean Sea.

“Balene alla deriva”: a round table of researchers will try to find together with the public solutions for the conservation of marine ecosystems (Saturday 17th of April).

“Balenarte”: visual artists and writers will talk about the choice of having whales star in their works. To follow: “Whales go to Hollywood” will show whales in movies, cartoons, commercials and videos (Saturday 24th of April).

The Aquarium will recreate the Cetacean Sanctuary of the Ligurian Sea with stands by the Tethys Institute and the city of Sanremo. A place to meet the whales and the researchers who study them with videos, cetacean sounds, pictures. Children will colour ecologic whale drawings and will listen to the reading of “Come una Balena” by the voice of the author Nicoletta Vallorani. (Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of April and Saturday 2nd of May).

“Cetogiochi” by Verdeacqua will make children play to teach them what whales are and how to save them (Sunday 25th of April and Sunday 2nd of May).

This exhibition will host works by:
Alessandro Giordani, Alessia Cocca, Andrej Mussa, Angelo Di Dedda, Angie Mason, Anna Turina, Ansgar Noeth, Arianna Carossa, Aurélien Police, Bethany Marchman, Bombo, Boris Eldagsen, Chiara Ambrosio, Chris von Steiner, Ciou, Cliff Wallace, Comoseta, Cristina Pancini, Edoardo Belinci, Elena Rapa, Fabrizio Azzali, Fernanda Veron, Florencia Martinez, Francesco Viscuso, Giulia Cassano, Jennybird, Karin Andersen, Kokomoo, Lee Baker, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Lostfish, Luca Beolchi, Madeline Von Foerster, Marco Cazzato, Marco Puccini, Mimi S, Natalia Saurin, Nicoz Balboa, Pietro Broggini, Ryan Obermeyer, Sarah Geraci, Silvia Meis, Siva, Squp, Stuart Semple, Suzywan, Tamara Ferioli, Wayne Chisnall, Zaelia Bishop, Zoe Lacchei.

Special guests: “Belly Love” by Florence Jaffrain,“Aequorea” by Matali Crasset (Slott Gallery, Paris)

A share of sales from this exhibition will be donated to Tethys Institute.

The opening will be on April 14th, from 8 pm to 12 pm, special guest dj Mr Maqs and QUIA Mobile Disco.

Press contact:
+39 02 36 633084
Viale Gadio 2, Milano Italy
Metro: MM2 stop Lanza
Bus & tram: 3-4-7-12-14-45-57-61.
from April 15th to 18th:
09am- 10pm
from April 20th to May 16th :
09am-01pm, 02pm-05.30pm
Monday and 1st of May closed

venerdì 19 febbraio 2010

Coming next: Ketos 2.1

The biggest Whaleless exhibition is coming on your way at Milan's Aquarium on April 14th.
More than 50 artists, conferences, fairytales for children and a lot more under the title KETOS 2.1.
The Tethys research Institute and me are working hard.
More news soon